IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The High Moors Free Verse

The high moors lie beneath a changing Sky
As seasons in their turn assume the throne
The landscape changes yet remains the same.
Cosmetic changes superficially
appear to alter what is permanent.
Changing perceptions of what we can see
by adding or subtracting colouring
The pleasant shades of green wrought by the spring
The hues of summer heather dominates
and autumn paints the moors in shades of gold.
Then winter shows monochrome artistry.
Uninhabited. uninhibited
The high moors appear to be desolate
and yet sustain more life than meets the eye.
The circling hawks on high can see their prey
and stooping, swiftly expertly they dine.
They take some small life to sustain their own.
Obeying Natures rule kill or be killed.
The high moors can be very dangerous
especially to the uninitiated.
Their beauty attracts both wise men and fools.
And yet there is no place I’d rather be
Alone, or with congenial company.

13-Sep-08 piers

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