MN (11-08-1970 / )

The High Road

It's up to you so choose it.
You see which way to go.
How good a person are you?
Is it the high road or the low?

You're faced with many options
that only you can choose.
Some will lead to glory.
Some will make you lose.

Your so-called friends may guide you
down a dark and narrow street
but, when it's done and over,
they'll run from all the heat.

You make your own decisions
because you'll pay the price.
I trust that you can hear me.
Please take this free advice.

You have the chance to choose it.
Don't act like you don't know.
Where is it you will travel,
down the high road or the low?

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Comments (8)

I act on impulse a lot of the time.Intuition.Can only hope that I make the right decision Great work Mary Love Duncan
So true to life. Simple but well put. Enjoyed it.
Excellent. Good advice and more people ought to listen. H
ill take the high road if you take the low and i'll be in scotland before you dear mary are you a wee lassie mary.a scottish woman a lovely scot warm regards larry
like very much, ................................
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