AK ( / Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa)

The High

Nothing surpass Him in quality,
Second rate are diamonds, gold, opals, pearls and silver
His boundless bounty to mankind.
He is every inch supreme,
The strong who keeps firm hold on the seven heavens from rending asunder. Power with unlimited powers to whom the seas
And everything between the sky and the universe submit themselves.
The one of ample means who succours
Those in straitened circumstance.
The giver of leverages and the originator of endless pearls of wisdom
To whom no parter is ascribed;
King of the day when accounts are cast creator
Of the glory of sunrise and sunset extolled by servile creatures
In utter humility - of the humankind and the Jinn.
Glory be to Him in whose capable hands everything rests.
The owner of wealth appointing temporary inheritors on earth.
The One of manifest majesty and the Great throne
With the sublimity of His realm
Worthy of admiration and adoration who slumbers not!
His is the Dominion of celestial bodies with mankind's unseen hosts
In total submission to His will.
His are the fairest names to whom puresuperlatives are attributes.
The beginning and the end, forever and ever.

by Aruna Kabba

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