For Ben Kinsella And All The Knife Crime Victims

I always carried a knife to school
It's the thing to do, it makes you look cool
My friends did too, it helped the façade
Of looking like we were all well hard

It made you feel like you were strong
Like no one could do you any wrong
Like if someone stared or called you names
Well, we've seen it on the video games

You pull out your knife or even your gun
And threaten aggro, it's a bit of fun
You only carry it for self-defence
Everyone does it, it's common sense

Look like you're one of the gang
Help the party go off with a bang
Nothing bad will happen, well not to us
Why do adults make such a fuss?

But it did happen, just down the road from here
And suddenly the reality's all too clear
These boys just went out to celebrate
Exams were over, they're feeling great

And next thing, one's running for his life
And somebody's pulled out a knife
His friend's run off, he's terrified
But he runs back to this Ben's side

Coz they've knifed him down, but it's too late
Eleven stab wounds have sealed his fate
He tries all he can to stem his friends blood
But from all those wounds there's such a flood

It's one thing seeing it on TV
But imagine how scared you would be
Watching your mate, your real good friend
As his young life comes to an end

It could have been me, if could have been you
Tomorrow it could be your mate too
Or your mum too devastated to speak
Your family's life now totally bleak

It has to stop, it's too terrifying
That all these cool young kids are dying
So from now, I'm carrying knives no more
I've seen what it does, I know the score

Jail isn't cool, it's not big and clever
Dying's not either, and it's for ever
Just one rash, stupid moment of fury
And your life belongs to a judge and jury

For Ben's sake but most of all for all ours
We kids have to use all our powers
To stop all this killing, get rid of the knives
And do something really good with our lives.

'July 2008'

by Joanne Wallen

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