The Hill-Stream

The flow of my poesy is a hill-stream
Never will she run dry.

Born in the hills of my heart

by Varanasi Ramabrahmam Click to read full poem

Comments (12)

Simply beautiful! Sweet and wild music. I am tempted to read its Sanskrit version. Thank you for sharing.
Very melodic and musical. Self illustrating. My kind of dance.
picture perfect. exhuberant in effect
Hi Varanasi, There's certainly a lot of movement to this verse and a lot of great description. I enjoyed. Frank
How wonderful your poesy flows like the stream from the enchanted hill.
beautiful! more words...10/10!
Wow, very nice poem! I like how you refered to nature in relation to the heart. Beautiful,10!
Beautiful flow of words and emotions. As D.H.Lawrence who favoured free verse, once wrote '......always tried to get an emotion out in its own course, without altering it' Lovely poem Sir.
Nice poetic rendering of your heart's thrill similar to a stream falling from the hills!
beautiful...vibrant..chirpy..joyful flowing stream poetry is...very well written sir....10
For the music lovers, everything on this earth is music only, even the gurgling sound of a running stream or waterfall. Nature speaks its poetry with different kinds of sounds peculiar to its own. A thing of beauty is joy forever. Nature is like one's mother, who takes care of her children. one should love nature as one loves his or her own mother.
my poem jumps and quivers in ecstasy!