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The History Of Man

Let me tell you a story, an ancient tale,
In a vivid tone, so ever real,
By the will of man, the curtain unveils,
Strutting his time upon the stage, so unreal.

This mark in the histories of time long forgotten,
As have miles and miles of words long written,
Devoured, consumed, shadowed by the dark night,
Now resurrected by the glare of the dawning light.
This book of old once hidden,
With its knowledge in the depths of oblivion,
Till its crimson flame burns with might,
Will its flare enlighten the dark night.

When the dark abyss no longer reign,
When its black heart no longer regain,
When sunshine whitens the black rain,
When the evil soul Hades has claim,
Will the holy light shine with serenity,
Guiding the blinds way,
Warding all calamity,
Where its warmth reaches all boundary,
Touching all hearts no matter the difficulty.

And now man holds the key to victor,
Advanced in every known sector,
They enjoy their time upon the stage,
Like magic from the Great sage.

With the locks of knowledge opened by man,
A surging power spread across the borderless land,
As man wields the wand of technology,
He grasped every single possibility,
And succeeded in winning the golden crown,
After striking all his foes down.

With the crown he stands tall upon the stage,
While the tamed beasts are locked in a cage,
He has reached the peak of Mt. Olympus,
Where knowledge is no longer his weakness.

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I enjoyed the read tremendously, its the sound of power, how man evolves over the years. Shows the darkness in the way he treats those from other lands and then finding the error of his ways allowing the light to shine through. He stands tall in-keeping hold of his power but has found a better way of handling situations, no wars necessay to solve ones differences. He holds the key to success and shines within it. Gaining a vast knowledge and spreading it all over the world, progress takes it's course, while all enemies are kept in place. That's the way I see it. Excellent poem Alex.--Melvina--