The Hit Before The Fall

Uncertanty peering through a river of deceit.
Clouded judgment giving false hope to burn.
Away we fly through ever lasting darkness.
Will we find our way out?
Screams plague a withering soul tearing down
defensive berriers.
'Let me in' the devil cries 'no mercy for you'
as i fall down the decaying sloap of damnation.
How many souls does that make?
To lost to count to dead to try.
Will i ever find a way out?
In the shrouded mist ahead an angel falls into a bloody
patch of clovers.
To lost to help to dead to try.
'just give up' the horney, red faced, basturd with the
tantalizing voice says.
As i started to crash through blood soaked walls,
drowning, down, down, down.....
A hand invelloped by a white vealing light reaches in and
tears out my already broken heart......
Good bye my loving unknown......

by Army Stuntman

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I love it, thanks for sharing. -Shannon