Hair And The Statue

My hair smells like doll's hair tonight.
What a strange scent.
Did it gather all my dreams of escaping?
Out...of this room, this house, this city, this country, this life...
I pictured you as a sad cold statue in a park. I wanted you there to visit when I wanted...
You could not react
I'd touch your face, reach near you...gaze at the stone you've become
I'd slap you...
and leave...then come back
smile at the superpower of having you at my request
the stone you are now
my hair smells like doll's hair today
I want you no more
I want no one no more
I want the freedom which interestingly enough is a statue, too.
I've found out at young age, when I'd prepare Turkish coffee for my mom
a hair would fall in the fire...
when it didn't happen, I'd pull one off just to see it burn, smell it.
I want no one no more,
I'll destroy the statue of you in the park

by Nesa Llapashtica

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