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The Hole

The hole is place one can not escape.
A place to keep you in your place.
Fall flat on your misguided face.
Many amoung us in this human race.

The hole brings light from far above.
Gives you pain instead of love.
Underwinged shadows of lonely doves.
A place you lay with simple bugs.

The hole has no ladder or remorse.
No compass to stay the course.
Held by stress and gravity's force.
Falling deeper to find a source.

It could be emotions or for some people money.
It could be for love lost from someone who's funny.
It could be for those who miss days that are sunny.
The hole gets deeper trying to dig for that honey.

The hole is big and large and deep.
Into your life the hole slowly creeps.
Take your broom and start to sweep.
Cover the hole and have restful peace.

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