I Miss You 21

I love and miss you babe
for just the beautiful woman that you are.
I miss all our talks and the way
just seeing you, your words,
and hearing your sweet voice would make my day.
I miss you because you're great
and I adore you to no end.
I love you more than anyone can truly know
and I just want to be with you
holding hands and holding you.

Dear as I sit here I just wish
I could put my arms around you
and pull you in to sweetly kiss.
I feel so worn out and it's just with you
I want to kick back and relax
softly talking while playing some games
and watching movies.
I miss you dear and need to hold you near
as all the tired loneliness for both of us
passes, heals, and within each others arms
finally disappears as contented joy fills it in.
I miss you my sweet beautiful precious girl.

Kira I miss you and just want to be with you
for the rest of time because you are my hero,
my Angel, soul mate, and best friend.
I treasure you my dear love to no end
and want to share everything there is.
You bring such hope and joy into my life
and you are the beauty I hold so high.
I miss you dear and reach out now
to hold you near because you are my everything
and I just want you to know how much you mean
to me the man who will always love you through all time.

by Michael P. McParland

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