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The Hollow Girl

The Hollow Girl

Poem By Ballerina With Fins

She, under her
Big smile stows
the unhappy memories
she wants to be
the perfect happy
person in
this world and

everyone would love
Her and she
herself, she kids
herself of what
she really

is And she is
the empty shell
waiting to be filled

And she is
the little los t orphan
waiting to be found

And she is
the blank book
waiting to be written in

and she is

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Comments (5)

So sad indeed as this hollow girl wears such a mask. You paint such a clear picture for all to see and heed the words of wisdom.....
There is nothing hollow about this poem. Deep in fact... but not hollow. Great write! Brian
The hollow girl sings a sad song of hidden beauty?
You're hollow now, but fill yourself with mystic beauty! Please be well!
I agree with sally - very moving, personal yet universal, as with all great poetry. Jon.