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The Holy Mountain And The Icy Lake
JM (August 16,1988 / Tenessee)

The Holy Mountain And The Icy Lake

Poem By Jon McIntosh

At last we see the mountain,
we have been wandering here for days.
The woods are an unforgiving place,
when darkness begins to fall.
Still, even through that darkness,
our mission was evident,
find the Holy Mountain.

There! It rises from the earth,
just across that Icy Lake.
Can we cross it?
No, we would surely freeze.
The forest around us beams with life,
that life is unaware of what is before it,
we must reach the Holy Mountain!
Its peak rises into the clouds,
its base falls into the earth.

Still, here we stand,
on this side of that Icy Lake.
Its shores are white with sand,
its waters are frozen with ice.

The Icy Lake is frozen solid!
We can walk across!
Our journey continues,
across the Icy Lake,
we sometimes hear what seems to be
cracking of the ice.

We've reached the other side!
Now, we must climb,
the rocks of mountain strong.
We've been climbing for days.
Wind and snow has tried to stop us,
but now, with relief, we have reached the summit,
of the Holy Mountain!

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