Poem Hunter
The Homesteader’s Life
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

The Homesteader’s Life

A big part of our country’s history
Was the early homestead kind of life
Farmers took on a huge challenge
Bought a piece of land and chose a wife

It was the beginning of our great country
They had ideas and followed through
They built homes and created towns
That grew into cities for me and you

They farmed what they hoped was fertile land
A job that took from sunrise to sunset
Can you imagine how weary they were?
For a kind of life they wanted to get

Starting small and working mighty hard
These farmers were not afraid of toil
Slowly bought land and animals
They had big families to work that soil

The farms dotted the vast landscape
And slowly worked toward the west
We can thank them every single one
They helped our nation be the best!

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