MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

The Honest Man

The honest man, it's said,
does exactly as he says,
and says exactly as he feels,
feeling as if he is
the whole wide world;
himself the universal man;
lives a measured life,
nothing too little or too much;
the universal man, himself

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Sir, your comments are as the adornment of angels on the living word.
MICHAEL... A stalwart assessment of the 'Well Respected Man'by any definition. An honest man, as you alluded to, needs little to get by on.His 'words' are his metaphoric oxygen, and the respect one earns in leading a life so Absolute, will ne're leave him alone or discontent.His value as a Man is unflapable...Great piece Mr. Shepherd...a penning fwell done.....'''''''''''''''''''FRANK/FJR
Michael, congratulations on a title containing two mutually exclusive words. But anyway... yes, and if only! - and there is much to be said for such measurement in and of all things. I enjoyed this charming piece. t x