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The Child In The Womb…
(February 2, 1931 / )

The Child In The Womb…

The child in the womb longs
To leave the darkness ’round,
And see the light of the world,
Created by God.

The child in the womb yearns
To breathe the lovely air
Of independent life,
Made by God.

The child in the womb wants
To move about with ease,
On planet earth’s terrain,
Meant for it.

The child in the womb waits
To show its cry of life,
And feel its mother’s warmth,
And parents’ love.

The child in the womb loves
To show its beauteous form,
That love of God gave it,
Free of cost!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 2-15-2008

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The honeymoon is over And I am dry-mopping the floor In a green Dacron dry-mopping outfit from Saks, Wondering why I'm not dancing in the dark, a very good poem. tony
(The Honeymoon Is Over by Judith Viorst.) **Facing the music.
You cannot think of continuing your honeymoon or romance at the cost of your hundred and one other duties which are equally important to carry out our family. social and professional responsibilities. Thanks.
Again, out of the billions upon billions of people who every walked the earth, is she really the 203rd best poet ever? As I've said a million times, I will never understand modern poetry like I will never understand the appeal of Modern Art. Why do the art critics and the museum owners immortalize artists who can't paint, who can't shade, or draw in perspective, or draw the human figure with correct proportion, knowing the hundreds of muscles, bones, tendons by practice or by genius from every angle. The myriad and nuanced details of nature evade the famous modern artists. To spit in the face of Monet, Dali, and Michelangelo, by placing a painting of a blob in the same museum. I feel the same way about modern poetry. Not all of it, but a lot of it. The ideas expressed in this poem were excellent. The poetic execution was not. How would Poe, Whitman, Lord Byron, or even some of the more talented modern writers like Sylvia Plath have written this poem. You may disagree, but I am entitled to my opinion. This sounds like a first draft she copied directly out of a late-night journal entry. Now she may be a talented person. Imagine if she had taken the time and energy to use the energy evoked from rhyme and meter. I guarantee this poem would have been rated higher than a 6.3, because again the ideas expressed are great. Love fades and your left to the boring, tedious life that is supposedly the American Dream. Why isn't she 'dancing in the dark, or rejecting princes.' If she were alive, I would love to challenge her to rewrite this poem. Rewrite it 1000 times until its beautiful prose make it jump off the page. I'm sorry, I know I'll get thumbs down, but that's how I feel. If you disagree don't thumb down me, but articulate your opposing opinion to me. Make me want to change my mind. Maybe I'm not seeing something you are.