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The Hope Of Spring

Winter's heavy gloom eats away
Our positive being and forces
Thinking to brighter days and ways-
We want out!

Doesn't spring begin in February?
Please, please, please-a sunny day!
Mowing and fertilizing on a warm spring day
Gifts too great too describe

Not even a daffodil yet, but soon
They'll brighten the yard and
Spin a tale of bright growth
And verdant smells

We'll be taken in by these
Yellow pioneers. Seduced into
Their beauty and a promise
Too removed for spring's impatience

How many times have people
Seen these brave ones sitting in snow
Or buckling in ice, or more commonly
Plundered by wind and rain?

They take it. Many of us can't
Spring's cold deception can
Be cruel, even fatal. Be prepared-
The next instant could be winter

As the yellow predictors begin
To fade and the trees bud,
More days of hope and clarity
Green with healing and growth

Yet there is the fickleness-
Ignored by foliage-A cold wind
Or shower with you in shorts
Or a short sleeve shirt-weren't you desperate?

Then one day it blooms in all it's glory
It smells fresh, looks joyous and
We give into the truth of spring
Holding back naught, giving peace

Enjoy it while you can. Once
A year. Let it nurture you, soothe your
Winter angst; for one day out of true blue
Comes the hammer of hot summer

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