The Horsewoman (For Ellen)

You have honored a timeless bond,
from the time when plastic legs
sounded on the floor, you heard
a tempo that you never lost.

Even in the gully wood,
you always had your hands
on reins, shaking a fetlock
so you could better see
the jump ahead.

Then, when I gave up and
moved on, your time came,
and you proved your equine roots-
that you could make ears heed
and a creature of air and
taunt glossy hide obey.

Through the leather, I watched as you
talked softly down the lines,
weighing your assurance on a bit-
it was magic to watch, and I couldn't
understand what you said.

Patience is something four hooves
and a rebellious snort teaches,
and you learned, and worked through
with kindness and a soft
reassurance in your voice &
under your palms.

You tamed the untamable,
while unleashing a dream and
creating a song in the beats,
the creak of leather, the
moving poetry in the
graceful legs, the arched neck.

Under your eye, they listened,
you are the bringer of the
kind word, the right scratch,
and the grass-filled hands.

Against all odds, the bets
were off, and you proved
that your heart is pure,
your soul is kind, and
the light in soft and intelligent eyes
can speak to a true horsewoman.

by Ayn Timmerman

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