The Hot Shower

What can wash away your Ego?
Some might say rainfall, I agree,
But I believe in hot shower too….

Hot shower,
Even takes away your pride as well,
And all other humanly attachments,
Made me feel like a saint I never wanted to be….

I feel it washes even all my sins, makes me pure,
Gives me rebirth, all within few minutes….

I come up every time with new resolutions,
When I feel the drop of lukewarm water on my skin,
Sometimes I feel like an incarnation….

Incarnation of my own self,
I could do everything I wish, But,
Only when I'm taken over and stay under this aqua rush….

Wonder how could it infuse energy, when not being consumed,
I realised thus,
Most of the (people) things that inspire us to greater deeds,
Goes to drain unnoticed, But here I'm to cherish you,
My Hot Shower…..

by Parivallal Swamy

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