Poem Hunter
The House And The Road
(1874-1922 / United States)

The House And The Road

The little Road says, Go,
The little House says, Stay:
And O, it's bonny here at home,
But I must go away.

The little Road, like me,
Would seek and turn and know;
And forth I must, to learn the things
The little Road would show!

And go I must, my dears,
And journey while I may,
Though heart be sore for the little House
That had no word but Stay.

Maybe, no other way
Your child could ever know
Why a little House would have you stay,
When a little Road says, Go.

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staying is an inactive form of going..many times all roads do lead back to Rome..we are the Rome..the many roads are our emotions that stem from our many experiences that always leads back to our Hearts..Being homeless is not Knowing Your-Self..The Greatest Path you take or ROAD will always be YOU