And It Is So Cold So Very Cold In Daylesford Town Today.

The black swans with their cygnets are swimming on the lake
And heavy frost from over night leave Winter parkland gray
And sun shine through the clouds at nine to add a little warmth
But it is cold so very cold in Daylesford Town today.

A Winter haze above the lake the coot and moorhen call
But magpie does not mind the cold he pipes his melody
And in the bleakness of the morn a sight of beauty rare
The yellow flowers in clusters blooming on the wattle tree.

The red browed finches feed on ground feathers fluffed against the cold
Hard to believe that Spring is near less than a month away
And currawongs are calling on the gum trees in the wood
And it is cold so very cold in Daylesford Town today.

It may be cold but Spring is near young cygnets on the lake
And in a month more daylight time and temperatures will rise
And mornings won't have such a chill and nest building birds will sing
And Daylesford will look beautiful beneath the sunny skies.

by Francis Duggan

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