The House Of The Heart

I have made empty all my heart for you!
I have shut out the mad noise of the world,
Closed every window, made the doors fast, too;
And from each chamber to the winds have hurled
Old thoughts, old base desires, old sins, old stains;
Yea, swept my heart as all the earth is swept by April rains.

Down the long corridors there is no sound!
I wait but for your entrance through the door,
Your footfall in my heart's great vacant ground,
Your voice to sing and sing forevermore--
Your voice alone to make the old house thrill
With the vast knowledge that your love wakes all that once was still!

There shall be gladness when you come to me!
Your thoughts, not mine, shall enter in this place.
O Love! behold how white each room shall be,
And you shall make all whiter of your grace!
Come to this quiet house, this heart of mine--
It is no longer part of me, but all is thine, is thine!

by Charles Hanson Towne

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