Burried Love

Here there can be none,
where I have been burried in love.
It forgets one.
Bushes green leaves, very tall trees
and mine is the Forrest
we live in.

I have planted no pretty flowers,
or roses, blue tall towers.
White clouds out of snow for our heads.
One name I have said.
Over and over again.
Dying at night, when love
over takes us.

by James McLain

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My mother, who is going on 92, used to recite this poem to me as a child. Would love to see a picture of this house
I suspect this poem may have been inspiration for Tom Waits' song House Where Nobody Lives
It is a simple but beautiful thought
My favorite poem by Mr. Kilmer. He echoes my thoughts every time I encounter a weary, abandoned place that once was home to someone, or a factory that once provided a living for so many people, The sadness overwhelms me.
I have seen homes like this in rural areas & it definitely sad! ! I too think about the lives lived in these houses.
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