The Hug

Standing close against each other warm and stark
Nude they were designed a single candle push the dark
Like when before society rules fenced love's park

They felt light strokes of their special partner's hand
Were oblivious to the cold world in which each stand
Designed by a master musician two instruments in his band

In their world both future present and distant past
Perfect hug they they tried forever to make last
Harmony in breathing kissing and holding fast

Just being and breathing and touching light
Being aware of the other's urgent beautiful fight
And letting go slowly all resistance that night

Enjoying the other's kiss and stroke and back
A moment made by the stars nothing to lack
Moment stretched as long until both minds slack

In this day hour minute and moment now
Eternity sees two souls before creation bow
Again millisecond used and time paused slow

Arno Le Roux 20l4

by Arno Le Roux

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