The Human Connection

My teacher asked me if I am human
I laughed at the question
And wondered at that crazy woman.
I thought, 'Am I not in my human skin?
Or is it that I bear resemblance to a species akin?

Teacher asked, 'Do you see yourself on the pages before you,
And if so, are you the villain or the hero? '
The question had me thinking,
The question had me searching….
Literature-though you think it is of no benefit,
-all its merit lies in bringing us in touch with our human spirit

Literature is the mirror of life.
Hold it up in front of you,
Let it tug at your heartstrings,
Let it see you oppose the things
Which have so long made you hardened and indifferent.

So you think those characters are inanimate?
You detach yourself as if their story is illegitimate.
It is my story, it is your story, it is History!
And if you cannot feel the pain, the joy, the helplessness,
the hunger, the death, the rebirth
All marked by the pages of this book
Then, Alas, my friend, you mistook yourself to be human.

For if you are human, you would feel the range of emotions
Literature evokes in you and in me.
And if you are human
You each play a role in some other story
Or perhaps, in the story that has not yet been told.

My teacher asked me today if I am human
And I knew, then, that my spirit needed redemption.

by Marguerite C. Anderson

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