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The Human Face
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

The Human Face

Do you ever stop and wonder
How the human face
Can look so different
In such a cramped-up space?

A totally different look
That you see from one another
Even if you compare
A sister and her brother

Although families do tend to have
Features that are similar
And side by side
They can look familiar

Occasionally we’ll hear
“Why you look just like
So and So
In this bright sunlight”

But folks are usually as different
As night and day
And it makes me wonder
How they get that way

I just wanted to share
These thoughts with you
And ask if you have ever
Been curious too!

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Comments (13)

Heartiest Congratulations for the wonderful flight of imagery evident in this beautiful poem as also it's selection as member Poem of the Day.
All poets are curious, Most people are too Cats are curious But in their case as the saying says Curiosity killed the cat And that was that Poor cat....... Loved your poem. I read it because I was curious too. and it paid off!
I think we all wonder about this but this is the first poem I recall reading. I must say wonder never stops. Congratulations Marilyn for member poem. Enjoyed reading.
first of all congratulations for being the poet of the day that your poetry deserves.....a common universal truth is expressed by some common easy and sweet words spontaneously....a great craftsmanship....a good and spontaneous rhymes in every 2nd and 4th lines...nice...keep sharing your poems..thanks........I wonder having reply to almost all comments...thank you again particularly for this...have a nice year.
Every time and everything that we see, which cause us to wonder, it just prove how unique and wonderful God is!
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