TH (August 25,1945 / Plainwell, Michigan)

The Human Kind

We are all children
Lost on horizons
That compass our dreams

Once there was laughing
And singing and dancing
On beaches that beckoned

We were all young then
And faultless of fear
With our whole lives before us

With hope for the Human Kind.

Oh my people, my children
My brothers and sisters
What has become of you?

We were a people
Who held a great promise
Now troubles surround us

And worries enfold us
And devils entreat us
And poverty breeds avarice

Remember the Human Kind

We once were a city
Become a great nation
With the world all around us

Now trials’ tribulation
And heart’s deprivation
On the eve of millennium

Ask the unanswered question
Of this generation
Has this great city fallen?

Come, join the Human Kind

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yes, i agree with you..i can join with you..nice poem, Theresa love and hugs, Meggie