Lonely As Hell

I am no man's burden
I can take care of myself
but it's lonely out in space
I've come to know the area well.
I salute shooting stars as they pass on by
a comet, a galaxy, but never a sigh,
lonely as hell out here, i say
lonely as hell
lonely as hell.

I put on a smiling face
and greet those who may pass by
but it's a different story if they could see
behind these emerald eyes
straight into this heart of mine
searching for love, running out of time,
it's lonely as hell in here, I say,
lonely as hell
lonely as hell.

Down memory lane I walk sometimes
out in the pouring rain
just to relive moments gone by
that will never sparkle with life again.
I's lonely as hell on memory lane
lonely as hell
lonely as hell.

by Beyond Repair

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This poem is very interesting and well written. I give it a thumbs up and a rating of 9!