RI (July8,1981 / Badalgachi, Naogaon, Bangladesh)

Sharing Our Experiences

Sharing our experience does not set us aside from the rest,
but allows others to have the freedom to dissect various
parts of the issue they can relate to.

We must remember what we have and are experiencing
has happen to the one before us and before them as well.
Just as the world goes round and round, so has uncommunicated experiences of each other that keeps causing re-occurrence of pain.

The good thing is, just as the world goes round,
change can happen to be passed down from generation
to generation, a new era of communication openly,
peace and a whole lot of joy.

by Mia Stubbs

Comments (4)

Dear Rex, I would like to publish your poem on a website we are in the process of creating against hunger. Please find in your PoemHunter inbox more explanation. Thanks in advance. Hans
Very good. Very well written. Extremely important message. So moving. I hope everybody in this whole wide world reads it.
You've captured the scenes with conviction, your choice of words are good too.The image is sad, and you've painted it perfectly. Kudos to u. Preets
Sometimes I wonder what a potential genius you are! Even in this poem there are signs that tell of what I think to be true of you. The use of words deserves every attention even from a fastidious critic, and the poeticizing of a simple event that you may have seen on the streets is worthy to be noticed. I hope you will be a good social and creative voice in the days to come if you continue playing with words and ideas coming from within, and putting them down on pages for readers. I wish all the best for your creative journey, and remember that I am always with you as I was before.