You Cant Blame Me

im a bad person
so im told
im fat, ugly
and old

im a mean person too
so was said
im not good
i should be dead

im a waste of time
waste of breath
people like me
deserve only death

i was told im selfish
told im crazy
noone wants me
im just lazy

i was told noone will
ever care for me
for people like me
love will never be

but you know what
i dont care what you say
your opinions are not
important to me today

your opinions and you
dont bother me
i dont care what you say
so let me be

all i feel you now
is sorrow
cause you will still be
the same tomarrow

and every day after
for as long as you live
hurt and pain to others
is all you will ever give

but you cant use your
words to hurt me anymore
you cant use your fists
to knock me to the floor

i hope the best for you
you see
a life full of hate
is not for me

i wont hate you or
things you ve done
if i do
that means youve won

you took part of my life
killing my spirit was your goal
you got my mind, my body
you didnt get my soul

so as you grow old all alone
you will have noone to blame
oh, yes you will
cause you will still be the same

by sandy nobody

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