What Are Dreams?

Inside my dream, everything is perfect,
As I peruse my thoughts, I am at peace,
Eternally alone my light shall shine true,
I have grown to appreciate my own company,
Able to explore the person that is I,
Alone in my dream world life makes sense,
My thoughts take flight and dreams are born,
Friends, family, loved ones do not live here
Distractions only blight the landscape of my dreams,
Yet, what are dreams without a soul to share them?
Spread the love... The peace will follow...

by Cosmic Dreamer

Comments (5)

What is the name of the ship? Why did Mr Carroll not give it?
Absolutely brilliant. God is indeed a Boojum!
Give me a break. I made it through the first FIT and saw how much was left and couldn't read any more. I wanted a poem, not a novel.
This poem is a bit long for my taste since I prefer shorter ones, but I can`t deny that the language here to make a funny try works well. And the poem is funny but no with a careless humor. It loooks as if the words were chosen carefully. Yes, this poem gave me a laugh or two, but the long reading took the best of me, and I could have appreciated more the cleverness of the diction, But I did not. Luis Estable
Lewis Carroll is my favourite poet.