Sex Before Marriage

If there's one thing i could ask God to revoke
It's sex before marriage.
Used to think it was something Jesus has overlooked
Guess i've missed average
Who doesn't desire to be entwined beneath the sheets?
To be wrapped and embraced
in the utter-most secret place
The sweat of emotions exalt
Sacred voices in repetition;
All came with imagination
What's so wrong about two persons just experimenting?
Some how we got to learn about how our bodies operate
From a feeling of attraction comes romancing
Whats there to isolate?
God acknowledges sexual intercourse
In fact he choreographed it
In the garden of eden
Jah created a woman to satisfy adam's plead (Gen 2: 18)
So, why's marriage of essence then and now?
Jahovah created Eve not because Adam was incomplete
But because he desired a help meet.
Then she became bones of his bones and flesh of his flesh;
They were as one, perfect and sweet (Gen 2: 23-24) .
In present, we all born again believers are members of the body of our Lord Jesus.
Hence, it's shadow-like to be made one with a wife (Eph 5: 30-31) .
Sex is not the basis of a relationship;
It's a complement.
Just the same way as feeling's a complement of love.

by devon da poet

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Really Very Nice Poem! ! !