DR (11/16/1967 / Flint, Michigan)

The Hustle

There once was a man,
who loved to play pool.
They called him 'Sure Shot.'
He thought he was cool.

He would enter tournaments,
all over the town.
Walking into any bar,
all the people would frown.

Nobody could beat him,
even on his worst night.
He got under people's skin,
his attitude wasn't right.

He laughed, bragged and cussed,
that got worse with each drink.
After sinking the 8-ball
he would turn to give a wink.

Then came a challenge,
from a little old lady.
' I'm not afraid of you! '
She said standing 5' 3

Not being one to back down,
Sure Shot agreed to play.
Being the jerk he was,
he asked her, 'Do you wanna pray? '

' I need not pray you shit
for I'm gonna kick your ass,
to make things interesting
let's play for cash! '

With a smirk on his face,
he agreed to play for a stake.
Thinking it was easy money,
Sure Shot offered her the break.

As the bar came to a stand still,
the patrons gathered around.
They were eager to watch.
You could not hear a sound.

Chalking her bar stick,
she announced to the crowd.
' 8-ball in the side pocket
you all will be proud.'

Leaning over the table,
she broke the balls.
The 8-ball found the side pocket.
Game over, she made her call.

She walked up to Sure Shot,
to collect her money.
' Thanks for the game,
your not so hot now, honey.'

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