The Idea Vs The Reality

I don't love you
But the idea of you
I forget the bad
Then I wont get sad

In my mind you are perfect
Reality is you are derelict
I want to free my mind
And stop being so blind

The pain fades
The truth lost in the shade
Replaced by what I have made
Have my dues not been paid?

Yet you still appear
Probably out of fear
When will you go away
When will I get my way

Will you ever fade into the past
I want peace at last
I will open my eyes
I will see my lies

I want to close the door
I want no more
I want the pain to end
I want to mend

The idea is lost
Melted with the frost
A new day will come
And I will be done

Until then, I wait
There is no escape
I will heal
Then start to truly feel

by Lisa Teres Fraser

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