Life (Sonnet)

Living your life the way you want to go
is not that easy. Things don't turn out right,
never go just the way you wish they might.
Plan as you will, you never really know.

Some people seem to have that lucky streak,
enjoying what they really don't deserve.
Or is it luck? Perhaps they have more nerve,
enabling them to achieve what we still seek.

Don't you just wish sometimes you had the key
that let you do what you would like to do,
and find some luck intended just for you?
really to be where you would like to be?

Don't waste your time writing some master plan.
Spit in fate's eye, and grab life while you can.

by Paul Hansford

Comments (24)

The Leader made me laugh out loud but this one had me in tears.
Does Anybody Know When this was written?
Part Two. We parents can see anything we want to hold death away- or to hold off any proof that our children were not exactly like we thought they were. But inside we know- -our child is dead and nothing is never going to change that horrid fact
Part One- -A nice poem? Really? It is about the most heartbreaking poem I have ever read- -the father does not want this body to be his child's body- he fights recognition tooth and nail- -and to give himself some fragment of comfort he says the cigarettes must have been some other boy's and his son was being thoughtful enough to hold them for him.
Beautiful poem with nice diction. Thanks and cogratulations for being selected as the poem of the day.
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