World Without Love Is A Tomb


You came like a morning breeze in my life
Went away like a floating clouds with winds
It has been ages I am in wait. Many seasons came
And went with passing caravan of time

The days spent together will remain ever green
In the deep valley of my heart till eternity.
Very often I would go and sit on sea shore
Where we spent time together dreaming future together

Sea waves were our confidant. When asked to return
The foot prints of my love stormed in their hearts
They all replied in unison, that being part of their
Existence, they would not part with. What a unifying

Force love is.Ho! My love when I lookat the
full moon night in the sky I see your reflection in moon, and stars
Which world can't see except me..No words to express
Painsof separation and loneliness and solitude of years

Being left alone like lost traveler, in a vast desert.
Your memories are always there like a inspiration in my life
Sunsets and sunrises againand moon appears in the sky,
seasons keep changing be it spring, autumn, summer or rain
Nothing interests me when you are not part of me,
My eyes keep looking for you but you are no where
Do you know that tree we would take shelter in hot summer
When asked the wind, informed, that tree too has merged with time

I still love life since I have apromise to keep made to you
but I cannot smile, You took away my smile as token of love long ago
While parting for the last time after college.we are now like

Two banks ofa river which are never destined to meet
My love for you is eternal but destiny willed otherwise
I will cherish those musical and magical moments of
life spent together as most valued treasure of mylife

The journey of my life after we parted been like a journey on fire
The time spent in loneliness are beyond expression for its pain
Your memories captured in my mind's screen will remain fresh
And provide me inspiration to live on to complete my sojourn on earth

by mamutty CHOLA

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this thing is too long
In your opinion Does anyone believe this poem to be 'ethical or Unethical' and why?