Love, My Triumph.

Love there are no harness, that will, stop me from our triumphant union, I have set sail... That romance was ours, its cold out, my point always needs the best, my rare moment of new perspective, i wonder how much of my life you have, and how much freedom, i have, my portion of god, the best side to me, what is unnecessary, but your face is necessary, as well, as your body, and other dimensions, maybe warm jungles, my ruby eyes, say watch out for your gift, don't let anybody take it away. As i saunter in the temple of love, its perfumed breeze, uplifts my desires, and i see, a Michelangelo, and my mind changes to red its fired with passion, the atom enters the universe the stars shine all the colours of the rainbow, in their order the painting tells a thousand words, im brave enough to follow, i open up my heart, it desires love, am yours, you are mine, i imagine i am in a mine its like buying a ring, and you are just a glowing sun, are we just, , clay. The stars shine their blessings, generosity, love, joy, wit, patience, care, confidence, praise, affection...i will look at the world eye to eye, I crawl, my tongue has a message that disappears down the streets, etenally because it wants to, i carry on you are in me, you and I are the river, that eventually flows to the sea.

by cristobal obregon silvertop

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