The Imagination

Through the darkness is the peace of silence,
As drops of dew appear with the first light.
The earth is molded out of sponging clay.
A million stars shine in the vast night. Untouched by the thoughts of innocence,
A beautiful dream encounters paradise.
While timeless paths forge the unknown winds,
The passage of images transform indifference. Arms are uplifted on a new open road,
Looking behind the sunset is a new dawn.
Lightning in the mountains brings words of wisdom,
Generations are born on the borderline of the earth. Stepping into the shadows of the green forest.
Man finds the hidden light suddenly clearer.
Just beyond the darkness are unseen eyes,
Finding passages gliding deep within. Along the boundaries are flashing fragments,
Composed of echoes throbbing in labyrinths.
The trial is the entrance to go in alone,
On the edge of the horizon is a lost dust road.

by Marcia Schwartz

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