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The Imminent Danger To Stork

The Imminent Danger To Stork

Poem By Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

A pair of storks our daily guests
The guests we always receives in happiness
They comes from some distant away
And goes after our noon meals time
They were sometimes sloth in behavior
Sitting on the compound wall slothfully
Sometimes in quarrels with crows we sees
Most of the time in searching for food
The slovenliness of storks a pretension
In actual terms a clever attempt and slyly
To catch hold of its preys the insects
And remnants of our food we gives to them

But yesterday we were in a little puzzle
A big cat caught hold of the neck of a stork
In a sudden and speedy movement it acted
The neck of the stork it caught in mouth
Unable to decide the fate of the stork
We looked and made a sound in haste
A sound of puff may be from the stork heard
In a speed it released the neck the imminent death.
Is it proper to deny the prey to the cat
After all nature decides what to act
And where and when to die and circumstance
Sortie attempts to save the life may be difficult.

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Storks were a familiar sight years ago! Now with water sources drying up and paddy fields lying vacant or getting filled, their number is diminishing fast! A stork used to come to our small pond in the garden where I had put a few gold fish, to eat them up! It was with great difficulty that we saved our fish by putting net over the pond! This cat incident is quite interesting! I wish I had that cat!