PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Immortal

Goodbye Satan,
After all those lives,
He has left your hell,
Now only living in paradise,
Heaven with no lesson to learn,
Those days and nights,
Gone and history,

Having been born,
Those dark Queen Victorian days,
The night dark and foggy,
Along those old roads,
Wanton Harlots,
Having their payday,
Rewarded by a knife,
In their gut,
Jack the Ripper,
Not caring about whom he offends,
Knowing the power of the kill,

But hell waited,
Now torturing his soul,
To have him burn in the flames,
To have him cry,
At the hands of bullies,
A serial killer of the 1800's,
On the ship of fools,
Deciding it better to die,
Than hang on and survive.

But now it is a new century,
Jack the Ripper deceased,
Never killing again,
For now he has found God,
The white light,
Releasing his pain and suffering,
Hellraiser over forever.

Now a hero of the new century,
To explore the world,
And see the wonderful lights,
Of every city and town,
The entire world,
At his fingertips,
For he is the immortal,
Reincarnated over and over,
Getting happier with every new life,

And so many are born,
All living lives legendary,
All living lives of colour,
Memories of dark times,
Not forgotten,
But put aside,
Lessons now learnt.

Airplanes and trains,
Travelling in freedom,
Everyone his friend,
Music playing at every party,
And his job does more than,
Pay the bills,
For his work heals the world,
For he never again steals,
Earth God's jewel,
Every life precious,
And very real,

For angels are the immortals,
Going on and on forever,
For those like him,
Are brave, important and clever,
Making the world go around,
And being a better place,
For every mother and father,
Daughter and son,
For the immortal lives this life,
And knows he has finally won.

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