PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Immortal Part 2

To travel from life to life,
Everlasting life for all souls,
Happiness the goal,
Freedom to never sell the soul,
No devil to trick the heart,
Or take the immortal,
Away from the goal,

Whether Jack The Ripper,
Or a saint from heaven,
All souls glide towards truth,
Whether older,
Or whether in youth.

The ancient Greeks,
Their immortals,
Being gods and goddesses,
Transpiring space and time,
The earth a gift,
A paradise only the free,
Can enjoy and really see,

The oceans and forests,
Great feasts of the gods,
Kings and queens,
Revelling in glory,
Telling every story,

The soul immortal,
Even if demonic,
But all become holy,
All become a spirit,
Perhaps god,
But a spirit nevertheless,
Every immortal,
To live lives that impress,

For poor go to rich,
Those evil opposite,
Gifts taken from the guilty,
But everyone goes home in the end,
Heaven waiting for confessions,
And learnt lessons,

Immortals to walk the earth,
Smelling of perfume,
And bathing in holy waters,
For the immortal is pure,
Heart and soul never lost,
And nothing to pay or return,
Nothing to ever cost,
For the best things in life are free,
And souls move on,
Likes the waves of the sea,
Happiness to only be felt,
Immortal moving from life to life,
God's precious jewel,
Never hardship for the immortal.

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