RS ( / Alaska)

The Impoverished

Your eyelids are a nest for flies
You fight for your food
You walk in excrement filled streetways
Also known as your home
Neglected by the powers that be
Simply because they can
Simply because there is money to be made
We are both told of peace and prosperity
I know they are all lies
Do you believe them?

Your potbelly is growing from starvation
You bury your sibling and father
Who died from lack of food and torture
You are shunned because you are a woman
You have no rights because you are a woman
You are a slave because you are a woman
And this is modern times?

The age of Kings and Queens has not passed
The family has only grown bigger
Intermarried into thirteen families
One is Rockefeller

Despite your condition
All lies within you
To rise and change
We are here to inspire
To release us all from this cage

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' Your eyelids are a nest for flies' that is perhaps the most original line I've read on PH...well done.