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The Inconceivable Epiphany
GMM (August ^th,1964 / Denver Colorado)

The Inconceivable Epiphany

There is no hypothesis
By which to ascertain a revelation,
Uncertainty has prevailed
Though I search with determination.
I've paced the floor paved of logic,
I've climbed the walls of conceived illusion,
I've weighed the lead in my heart
With the gold in your hands
And tipped the scales of confusion.

Conscious hours are marked,
Scrawled with impractical equations,
The conclusions that I've drawn
Are met with poignant evasion.
I've dissected radical particles
While chasing this fleeting star,
I've split the veil of reality
And we both bear the scars.

The inconceivable epiphany
That one day I'll wake to find
Is 'in matters of the heart,
One must free the mind.'

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Love the conclusion, Gina - though a tiny quibble about even trying to ascertain via hypothesis.. your mature diction is very welcome.