(13 Oct / Sainkul, Anandapur, Odisha, India)

The Indian Eye -02 - Leaders And Terrorists

Both are mammals

Leaders and Terrorists,

Both expand their territory.

One becomes history,

the other a bad story.

One mesmerizes

So much that

Poets become pets

Ambitions become fates.

A priest becomes thief

The weaker becomes the chief.

Donkeys fake Horses,

Monkeys make Verses,

Humps fill the roads,

Speeches, write the toads,

Trees forget the shades

Razors need no blades, .

Dreamer sleeps or begs,

The eyes look at legs.

Barren land looks fertile,

Crops grow in file

Odes sung by singer

Streets become longer

Lions love the zoos,

Cuckoos adore the crows.

Courts turn into Jungles,

Friends turn into dongles.

The other terrorizes

so much so that

Pets become prey

Lakes become dry,

Priests become police,

Hearts feed malice.

Laws become loose,

Schools become zoos

Zeroes become hero

Heroes become zero.

Roads turn into graves

Youths become slaves,

Fear clads the braves,

Jungles enter the houses,

Guns bind the spouses.

by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Unparallel SuperbSpeechless No comment.Simply best poem speaks everything.A type of poem I was expecting from you.Dare not rate.Thanks for sharing sir.
Absolutely spell bound poetry with vivid imagery. Poem makes us laugh, cry, prickle, silent.So did this one. Your penned piece is nearer to my heart. Beauty of a poem means use of rhetorical devices, so were found in you're. And, yes. Thank you for your valuable time and review Pari Style Poems.
Terrorists and leaders both evils.Nicely put.