Mother Nature Without Us Will Live On

If you go by the Mayan and Hopi predictions life as we know it in the year 2012 will end
But I'm not one who can claim to be psychic so why should I even pretend
That on the 21st of December in 2012 some catastrophe will happen that will wipe out all of Humanity
If you want more light on this subject ask one more enlightened than me.

The Mayans are thus far right in their predictions of every Empire's rise and fall
So will December the 21st in 2012 as predicted be life's final day for us all?
But these predictions are quite esoteric we can interpret things in our own way
Though Mother Nature is getting more angry and more talks of wars every day.

In Humanity's lust for survival our own kind we may well destroy
But Mother Nature will live on without us and Nature's creatures will surely enjoy
A life free of Human persecution some of us can be so very cruel
This World is ours for to live in this World is not ours for to rule.

Some people think war is not terrorism though in truth they are one of the same
For war too spreads panic and fear amongst people terrorism by another name
This war that is now waged on terrorism will be a war without end or win
This World is not ours for to destroy this World is ours to live in.

If you believe in the Hopi and Mayan predictions the end of Human existence is near
But if there's a Heaven for good people the good they have no cause for fear
And Mother Nature will live on without us and her Seasons they will come and go
And songbirds will sing in her Wild Kingdom and her rivers to her oceans will flow.

by Francis Duggan

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this is a splendid love poem from this ace romance poet
It is like a song! So good!
Powerful melody and rhythm that takes one into an atmosphere of dreams and awakening in love. Great poem! RoseAnn
such a lovely heart touching poetry
short but wonderful poem piece. i like it
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