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The 'Individuals'
MP (09/03/92 / Lawrenceville, GA)

The 'Individuals'

Poem By Mandy Parker

Ridiculous rebels rebel,
Manic mortals mumble,
Pathetic princesses preen,
Dramatic debutantes dance,
Faded failures freeze,
Sweet saints sing,
Big brats bellow,
Terrible twits tease,
Antagonizing authorities ambush,
Lost lambs look,
Nostalgic nannies negotiate,
Weird women watch,
Creepy creeps creep,
Tall trees threaten,
Unsightly urchins undermine,
Endurable elders evaluate,
Half-asleep hijackers hang,
Industrious idiots illustrate,
Jittery juveniles jest,
Ragged recluses rearrange,
Scandalous socialites standardize.

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