The Inevitability

Poem By Alfred Kumar

Among us and within us
Around us and beyond us
Every where u can see
Every where u cannot see
In the abyss of ocean
In the heat of fire
In the infinity of universe
There lurks a vicious evil
Whom no one has seen

It is Powerful than the kings
It even defetes the holy saints
It attacks the powerful
It attacks the wealthy
It attacks even the healthy
No one escapes even stealthly.

All succumb to its invisible Plot
No one is spared from its clutches
All bow to its fearsome slaught.
It destroyes all, no one is spared
It turns all to Dust, no one is cared.

It Destroyes our loved ones
Puts on us grief, in trillions of ounce.
How much we weep, how much we lament
The heartless Devil, never show mercy

It takes our loved ones to a place unknown
From there return no one.

It waits for the Proper time,
To strike even us.
No one knows when it attacks
No one knows how it attacks

But it is waiting for us always
Keeps us under siege always
When the time is right
It comes, attacks us straight
And when it attacks us
From the face of the creation we vanish
No one can help us, not even God

That attacks all, and no one is spared

That Devil is none other
All have heard of him
All has seen its Act
It is Death

In to this Mystery I ponder
An exciting truth I gather.
Death is not an evil afterall
But it is our liberator,
It is our truest friend, no one is greater
For it frees us from the worldly bondages
Bondages of suffering, pain, poverty
Transends us unto the realms of infinite bliss.
Without this, the state of our life, no one can guess

I bow before thee with veneration.
For u take us in to the arms of God Himself

Ho! dear death, I thank thee for thy Kindness
For You are our Constant companion,
Who with loving embrace makes us Free


Comments about The Inevitability

t is our truest friend, no one is greater For it frees us from the worldly bondages Bondages of suffering, pain, poverty Transends us unto the realms of infinite bliss....... yet it happens to happen by inevitability as life is just a game inbtween existence and nonexistence by relativity by trudging path from birth to death by mortality.beautiful write with deeper thought, yet of unique genre and, , quite philosophical yet introspectiver too,10++++, thanks for sharing
Good poem. I really like your insights and you write well.
This poem would be great if you had not ended it with text speak 'u' and 'r' try 'you are' if you dont want to ruin future atempts.

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