The Inevitable Barrier

Poem By Yvonne G. Engel Davis

Man can be a prisoner of his own making.
We can build up barriers to a freer life by the
hang-ups which we seem bent on possessing.
By trial and error we should be able to learn
and to grow beyond this mental perimeter of our psyche.
We are prisoners just as if we had physical structures
hindering our movements and lifestyles.
Therefore, would it not be just as well to be
locked away in a prison of boundaries where we
are left to an eternity of never ending restrictions?
Is man really free when he is on the outside
Looking in, or to say, as a free man apart from
the established correctional institutions of our society?
Is death a welcome end to this eternal imprisonment
of our physical bodies?
Death, however, is permanent and comes swiftly
through the grim reapers door.
All dreamers of freedom, whether minute to the
smallest icon of reality, leave some room for
a sense of being.
When death comes, we seek to fight it, for to give
in would be to let life beat us even until eternity.
A deathly punishment reaped upon our souls is
as ghostly and horrendous as man can inflict.
Is it not a sin to commit murder by taking
the life of another human being?

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