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The Inevitable
ARM (Sept 17,1989 / Phillipines)

The Inevitable

In my days of terror,
I stand firm on my ground.
Even if I feel the strong wind pushing my strength away,
I build a tall wall for myself.

Though alone I may be,
I always keep in mind that emptiness
is a source of bravery.
I may not feel anyone's presence,
but I have faith in everyone's love.
To believe the things I cannot see,
to love the things I cannot feel,
to care for the things I cannot hear,
these are the evidence of a true survivor.

A man needs not to shed blood
to prove to the world his success,
A man needs not to leave in order to protect his loved ones.
As simple as loving to no end,
and believing with no eyes
are one of the few essentials to survive.

I myself get lost,
but I know there is a light somewhere in the midst.
'Easy to say, hard to do', people would cry.
Regardless of the hardness, you can still achieve it.
Don't complicate things further, just do it.

But I will always remeber two things as time passes by:
I am in control,
I am inevitable.

...how about you?

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