PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Information Age

There're so many gadgets available,
There are mobile phones, electronic organisers,
And electric thermometers, computers and television,
DVD players and MP3 players, the iPad and Kindle.
It is neverending, everything can be turned on,
At the flick of a switch or the pressing of a button,
You can now even go on the Internet via your TV!
And there's the Skybox, because we are all a brainbox,
And technology where it's at,
And no matter the difference in intelligence,
Technology is easy to navigate,
And there're high-tech programmes,
To inspire and motivate people, and continue progress,
Even in the third world,
And it isn't a case of trial and error:
It is just about using common sense,
To push forward and create with success,
For this is the information age,
Knowledge and facts the cutting edge of progress,
And the earth spins in orbit,
Bringing the freedom of a rich world,
To the poor, middleclass and rich alike,
All equal in the eyes of the law.

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Pablo Neruda

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