GO (1970 / Saskatchewan, Canada)

The Inhale Of You

Baby, it’s easy to see
how you get into my soul
It starts when you smile
your eyes light up when you do
it’s so dramatic, I can hear it in your voice
And oh how that voice pierces my soul
and resonates within me filling my being
Entering my vessel like dye in a glass of water
smooth, unobtrusive, complete coalescence

Baby, it’s easy to see
how you get into my head
Your thoughts are parallel to mine
Our ideals are a mirror looking
into the others’ sense of right and wrong
We are so Aquarian in the way we think
on a philosophical level
Your compassion for others
and your passion for life
are an inspiration to me

Baby, when you hear me breathing
I am breathing in the essence
of everything that you are
Filling my lungs of you
pumping your essence through my body
Yet the very action of breathing you in
leads to sorrow, for the inhale of you
makes the exhale so much harder
The very essence that I crave
takes a piece of my heart each time I exhale
leaving me with only an insatiable hunger
for more of what I crave
Thus the vicious cycle of my addiction
continues and compounds with each breath
like a heroin addict in search of his next fix
But for me, when that fix comes,
no matter how short it is,
It’s worth every excruciating breath in between

by Gene Olson

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